“Get up Stand up” Project Yields Fruits

The soil has degraded and traditional ways of farming do not apply these days. To bail farmers out from this, “Get up stand up” Project offers loans without interest for fertilizers and seeds. The vision is to see farmers yield a lot from small portions of land; hence it calls upon for modern farming methods. Farmers registered in the project are advised to follow instructions by the project’s agronomist so that they should realize bumper harvests.


8 acre farm for Miss Anna Njoloma

Miss Anna Njoloma, a graduate from the project, is an example of success stories. Having learnt the formulae for plenteous production she has stood on her feet and has grown 8 acres of sunflower. Sunflower is a precious stone in the local market, and at all cost Njoloma’s livelihood would never be the same.


Miss Njoloma; The “Get up stand up” cebrated Graduate

“The Project did its basic part, the rest I had to do by myself, why not?” says Miss Njoloma in an interview on Saturday, 9th of March. She continues to say that it is from Get up Stand up where she got the zeal that she can equally do it.

Now when andiamo looks at her farm, it is so sure that its labors have fallen on a fertile ground and these are the fruits.

 By Harry Pongolani

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