Andiamo Trust; A Friend of the Youths

Andiamo Youth Cooperative Trust has passionate affiliation with youths. Most of them are recruited from the Technical College. Most young men who graduate from the college manage their own workshops or get employed in metal or wood industries. Andiamo Trust has always been on the forefront in making efforts to equip the youth with different skills.

Andrea Murowa and Carlos Chirambe are the operators in the lathing machines. “We have a chance to upgrade our skills and yet we have been employed too”. On the lathe, they mould different parts ranging from bearings, shafts, bolts and nuts, skimming heads they also make threads and maintain pulleys.


“Many customers from within Balaka and neighboring bring their problems and we give solutions,” says Andrea. They also produce different parts for on-going projects, if needed, at Andiamo.

This works as motivation to the students at Andiamo Technical College because those students who display skills are likely to be hired to the different departments of Andiamo Trust.

By Harry Pongolani (photo by H.P)

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