A young Man to assist farmers of Get Up Stand Up Project

Peter Mayesu

Peter Mayesu

Peter Mayesu is now the Assistant Clerk for the Get Up Stand Up Project run by Andiamo Youth Cooperative Trust. Peter is married with a child.

Coming from the poor village of Pyoli where agriculture was his daily bread, we hope he will use his experience in helping farmers of Get Up to improve their cultivations.

“I can bring in new ideas which will help the farmers improve the results of the project,” says Peter.

A piece of land will be set aside where vegetables can be grown. Some workers of Andiamo will be involved mainly when we have power blackouts because this is the time the sections are not active.

The Get Up Stand Up Project provides farm inputs to 225 farmers of 18 villages located in poor and remote areas of Balaka District.

By A.Chisale

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