From Zimbabwe he found a Home at Andiamo

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Wilson Chilara was lying on the veranda floor on of his House at Andrea Village, trying to find some fresh air in this hot season. Wilson cannot see anymore, but was happy to welcome us. He is 80. After a long and difficult life he found a roof, a bed and 3 meals a day, someone to take care of him, and new friends to talk with at Andiamo.

He was born in Mwanza, Malawi, married with two children, and moved to Zimbabwe to work as a house boy and cook. Unfortunately, he lost his wife and the two sons. Since 3 years ago, he has found a home at  what we call Andrea Village.

Andrea Village is a compound of simple houses dedicated to “ANDREA” the late brother of our founding trustee, Father Mario Pacifici. In these houses Andiamo welcomes elderly people with different difficulties.

By A.Chisale

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