Basket trainer leaves while Basket program continues

Alessandro Capelli, a Volunteering Basketball Trainer of Balaka Malawi Basketball Association (BAMABA) left today 29 September 2012 for Italy after a 2-week training program in Andiamo.

ALe and Kantema

Kantema playing Basket with Alessandro Cappelli

“I was happy to have the opportunity of living this experience in Malawi and to work with teachers and students of Balaka on the basket court. I will never forget this time with you and if I manage I will come back again soon,” he says.

Started one year ago after the building of the Basket court financed by BAMABA, the training program will continue with other two trainers who will be in Balaka next week.

Alessandro says the students and teachers have now gained the basic skills, and it is clear that there is a big potential in young students to grow more in this sport, and that is why he believes the project BAMABA is working and should continue.

Asked to share his impression about Andiamo Youth Cooperative Trust (AYCT), Alessandro explains that he appreciated how he was welcomed and congratulated with those responsible for the “great organization” found in the Volunteer House, Andiamo Education Institutions (AEI) and the Cooperative as a whole.

Alessandro Cappelli

“I was impressed with the many projects I found in Balaka, for this reason I congratulate the Montfort Missionaries and the locals, especially in the education sector where I spent much of my time. I realized the big opportunity which is given to the 300 students of A.E.I. for their education and human growth, and I think that sport is part of it.”

Alessandro also shared the wonder about the way time is lived in Malawi, as people often don’t look at the watch but live the natural time. They wake up as the sun rises, accept it is afternoon just after having lunch if they are lucky, whether it is 12.00, 13.00 or 16.00…. a conception of time, which is really based on nature.

“I also wonder,” he adds “how people can walk in the evening without light. I tried it but it was quite difficult for me to reach home in the darkness.”

Finally Alessandro wishes that in the future BAMABA grows with a team for young, junior and senior basket players.

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