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71% treated were children at CCH

71% treated were children at CCH

Tomorrow, Saturday 31 January 2015 all our eyes will be in Bergamo, Italy where Orizzonte Malawi Onlus has organized a dinner with the aim to support our Comfort Community Hospital.

It is not a three-course dinner, we are told. It is but a dinner which is called “poor dinner” because the food to be served is like that food that the peasants used to eat in Italy. This is not the first time that this kind of dinner has been organized for this cause. It was done before and it has been a success.

The writer of this article has never been to Italy. If I happen to go to Italy, it would not to see if Italy has good people. No. Through gatherings like this one, we have seen the goodness of people from Italy and we don’t need any proof.

We haven’t sent to Italy pictures of children dying from curable diseases. I bet if we were asked to send, we would do than in albums. But through simple gatherings like this many people of goodwill, have heard our cry and have understood that they must do something and the results are showing… The pictures we are sending to you now, are of children getting treatment because you did something and you continue to help us.

For example, in 2014 Comfort Community Hospital (CCH) treated 63,457 patients and 45,279 were children. If we compare to the 2013 figure of 34, 354, we see that in the year just ended we reached to many patients. We are not celebrating the figure of many people treated at CCH but we are grateful to you “few people” who are making a difference to many people here in Balaka, Malawi.

As it has been said elsewhere, “let us join hands and put our drops of love together forming an ocean of solidarity for our COMFORT COMMUNITY HOSPITAL in BALAKA”.

We wish you well as you gather together to save lives here in Balaka, Malawi. We love you all.cp 15 locandina

By P.K.B

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