Alleluya Band Tour 2013


Alleluya Band 2013 Tour: an extract of Mkwaso newspaper published by Joseph Kayira

Mkwaso newspaper published by Montfort media has in this recent publication headlined the Alleluya Band 2013 tour to Brazil and Italy. In the article Joseph Kayira of Mkwaso interviewed Fr. Mario Pacifici the founder of the band and Gertrude Naluso the second deputy Band leader. Alleluya Band has for the fifth time been endorsed this year by the Mangochi diocese to represent youths of Malawi at the World Youth Day (WYD) in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The band will be performing in Italy in June before going to Brazil in July.PROGRAMMAALLELUYA-1024x720

Despite entertaining at WYD the band preaches the gospel at such event. The band mingles with different youths at the event; an opportunity for them to learn few things and showcase the Malawian culture abroad. During previous episodes the band had opportunity to meet Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI and they will be meeting Pope Francis in Brazil at WYD.

Fr Mario was in this article reported quoting Matthew 28:19-20, citing the mission of the band as preaching Christ to the edges of the earth through music. They have clocked 35 years of singing life with joy.

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