Andiamo Music School on the Chibuku’s Road to Fame


The Daily times newspaper extract: an article by Sam Banda

Andiamo Music School students have launched an immense progression of training sessions in preparation for the upcoming MK12million national Chibuku Road to Fame competition to take place in Mzuzu by July 6. With their two other counterparts; Anthu ambiri and Chosen family they qualified in the preliminary regional competition that was held at Zembani Lodge on 25th May. The winning team will participate in other Chibuku road to fame competition in Zimbabwe in september.


Dancers in their Malipenga costume

“We will give ourselves up; perform like never have before, if we won’t go to Zimbabwe, who will” says Peter Kayira with grit, “we have invested our optimism  in the hard work” he continues. The band men are quite determined to do all it takes not to let this opportunity slip up by their nose.


Chimwemwe performing at Zembani Lodge

Andiamo band performed well at the concert hence it qualified but they have been urged not to gaze at their previous conquests, because the forthcoming concert will need more than just skills but enough time for preparations.

By Harry Pongolani (Photos by H.P)

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