The Term that was

Term 1

Time to go home

On Friday, 22 March 2013 students of Andiamo Secondary School left for Easter Holidays. Initially they were supposed to have a one-month holiday but we are told this has been cut to just two weeks. We expect them back on 7 April and classes resume on 8 April.

There is a relief on the part of management now that the students are gone. The academic term that has just gone has been a tough one.

Term 2

A Farewell hug

We found ourselves in a difficult situation when the government had to devalue the Malawi’s currency and float it. As is expected when this is done in every economy, prices of commodities, even the basic needs went up. For a school like ours that students pay K45, 000 a term, it meant struggling to budget within the available incomes against a very hostile market.

The Dilemma

Andiamo Cooperative Trust aims to offer quality education to both the poor and the rich. At K45, 000 a term, Andiamo Secondary School was supposed to be the most affordable Private boarding school but it is clear that many parents are unable to afford this amount.

From the experience of the just ended academic term, it is clear that K45, 000 is not enough for a student in twelve weeks. Half of the incomes we get from the students can only buy beans, rice and maize. Andiamo must raise up the fees to survive in this hostile environment. But the question is: who is going to afford this? Is Andiamo Cooperative going to achieve its aim of offering quality education to both the poor and the rich?

Term 3

New boys Hostel that needs beds

Thank you for your support

This was supposed to be a time for us to thank people and organisations from Italy that have helped us be where we are. We have now beds in the new girls hostel.

There are families in Italy who, despite facing economic crisis, in their own country continue to sponsor some of our students to get the quality education.

This was the time to ask for beds for the new boys hostel, which is under construction. Yes, this was the time to ask for funds for a new good library.

Unfortunately, (yes without shame), we add to the list of what we ask from you: to help us in running the school. At K45, 000 we don’t manage to run the school. If we raise the fees, we shall run a school without the students!

By Patrick Bwanali

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