Fr. Mario hails Orizzonte Malawi Onlus

Washing of the feet on Holy Thursday

Washing of the feet on Holy Thursday

Fr. Mario Pacifici, the founding trustee of Andiamo Youth Cooperative Trust (AYCT) has hailed Orizzonte Malawi Onlus for coordinating the entire network of solidarity, “to ensure a fruitful future” for Andiamo Trust in “its effort to give a valuable service to the community to all Malawi, engaging in its four areas of intervention: Education; Healthcare; Social Development; and Culture and Sport, with the spirit of genuine charity,” he says this in his Easter message.

He also discloses that the Alleluya Band’s 2015 Italy Tour will also be in memory of his brother Andrea, Bishops Alessandro Assolari and Luciano Nervi who died ten years ago “after a life given and spent for the mission.

Read the whole message here

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