Fr. Mario Calls for New Life in the New Year

Fr. Mario Pacifici

Fr. Mario Pacifici

Fr. Mario Pacifici, one of the founding trustees of Andiamo Youth Cooperative Trust, has called for a “new life” in the year 2014.

The new life involves a “definite commitment to humanity renewed in the spirit of fellowship, brotherhood and mutual solidarity.” Fr. Mario says this in his New Year’s Message.

As a sign of the desire to be with those in need, Fr. Mario has asked people of goodwill to participate at the Supper for the Poor, scheduled at January 31 in Italy to ensure that there is both food and medicine for the Comfort Community Hospital in Balaka.

In the same message, he is asking people to patronise Alleluya Band shows lined up from end May to early August.

By P.K.B

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