Andiamo Secondary School Shines in Zomba

Eneless Aufi, a Form One Student at Andiamo Secondary School

Eneless Aufi, a Form One Student at Andiamo Secondary School

Andiamo Secondary School students dominated the Southern Region Cross Country held at Gymkhana Club in Zomba on Saturday, 30 November 2013.

Caphus Kasiteni scooped gold in both men’s junior and senior categories. In men’s 6-kilometre junior category Kasiteni clocked 27:17 minutes while in senior men’s 12 kilometres category, he clocked 43:21 minutes.

Keffasi Kasiteni the gold winner

Caphus Kasiteni the gold winner

Enelesi Aufi, a form one student won gold in 6 kilometres junior women’s category. She won the race after clocking 28:01 minutes.

The results have not come as a surprise to Andiamo Youth Cooperative Trust because Andiamo Education Institutions have deliberately invested in athletics through Inter Schools Hope Trophy to make sure that the game of athletics is promoted in schools.

Both athletes may represent Malawi in the next year’s Scotland Commonwealth Games and 2016 Brazil Olympic Games after emerging winners in the Mini Olympics held in Lilongwe earlier this month.

By P.K.B

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