Mwaiwathu settles Get up stand up debts before the deadline

The Mwaiwathu club of Msamanyada village at Kapandatsitsi has shown a good example of settling their loan way before the deadline which is in August. Henry Goster; the get up stand up coordinator has reported this as welcome development and a dazzling emblem of cooperativeness in the project.


Henry Goster; Get up stand up coordinator posing with Mwaiwathu club of Kapandatsitsi

“They have paid back their loan at once, this is the spirit that we always recommend among clubs in the Get up stand up Project” says Goster.

Mwaiwathu club farmers grow maize, tobacco and cotton. They have realized a bumper harvest this season because of the good rains and farms inputs they got from Get up stand up project on a non interest loan system.

By Harry Pongolani (Photo by A.M)

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