The Young man behind Andiamo Shoes

Luso lopanga nsapato

An extract from Nation Newspapers by Bobby Kabango published on Sunday, 26 May 2013

He has inborn flair of shoemaking. The talent that genetically transferred from his father has tremendously yielded him so much fame and distinction, Chimwemwe Mwenyemasi now 21, admits he is growing at a supersonic speed. His talents have grabbed him columns in most of local media houses and social networks. As reported by Nation Newspapers, Andiamo Trust fetched him a proper working studio with colleagues and sorts of machines to nurture his talent.


Display of Chimwemwe’s Handmade shoes

He has worked as a Power 101 Disco Jockey, “but then I was simply ignoring the inner shoe producing vocation” says Chimwemwe, until Andiamo Youth Cooperative Trust incorporated me to the Cobbler section I have been seen myself on way to realizing great things”. Scores of local and International customers have flocked to Andiamo to admire and buy his several designs of durable up-to-fashion shoes.

By Harry Pongolani

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