Common Lunch at Nyumba Ya Ana

Andiamo volunteers were at Nyumba ya Ana (Tigawane House) where they had common lunch with the Aeper volunteers and the ex-street kids and two Benedictines sisters of the Divine Providence from Lisanjala parish in Zomba.

aeper group photo

Group photo: Aeper, Andiamo, BSDP sisters and the kids

The gathering reminded the AEPER volunteers of the adopted kids they raise from different families in Italy.

This was an opportunity for Mr. Pasipawo Munthali who resides with the kids at Tigawane House during the day to thank Aeper for the support they have rendered to the kids.

“We thank God who has come to the rescue of these kids, may He finish the work he has started in you,” pleaded Mary Malikula who provides maternal support to the kids.

Mary and Munthali with the kids

Mary and Munthali with the kids

“The word ‘Tigawane’ means ‘to share’ and I plead with you all to live the true meaning of the project- take the initiative to return the favour,” said Fr. Mario Pacifici when it was time for him to speak.

He also pointed out to the beneficiaries that they should also take the initiative to help in any way possible for that is the only way the project can grow.

saying thanx

Time to saythank you to Aeper on behalf of the other kids


Fr. Mario Pacifici at dinner at Tigawane

By Harry Pongolani

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