Doctor Gabriele donates a HemoCue to Andiamo Comfort Clinics

The Hemocue Hb "blood analyzer"

The HemoCue Hb “blood analyser”

Good health is a vital need for the social, economic and spiritual development of every human being. Residents of Andiamo and Balaka have been blessed with the presence of Comfort Clinics.

Dr. Gabriele Falagiani of the Pang’ono Pang’ono association in Rosignano, Italy, has donated a HemoCue HB machine to the hospital.  It is a portable “point of use” analyser used for the quantitative determination of haemoglobin within the blood.

A nurse uses the Hemocue on patient

The clinician Kaitano uses the new HemoCue on a patient

This device will be very useful even in the most remote areas of the district because it has a rechargeable battery and can give instant results at the bedside of the patient. This wonderful endowment has improved the quality of service provided at the clinic.

“We appreciate the donation. With this device we can provide much faster service to our patients” explains Jill Claus; the administrator at the Comfort Clinics.

By Harry Pongolani (Pictures of Harry Pongolani)

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