AYCT awards Innocenzo and Nazzarena

From left: Fr. Mario Pacifici, Nazzarena, Andrew Galeta, Innocenzo and Paride Pasquali

Every time volunteers come from Italy, a dinner is organised at Nankhombe house to welcome them. Likewise when they are going back to Italy, there is a farewell dinner for them. Last dinner was not an ordinary dinner.

Andiamo Youth Cooperative Trust (AYCT) awarded Innocenzo and Nazzarena of Orizzonte Malawi Association and Latina Camperists Association under the leadership of  President Paride Pasquali for their “outstanding commitment, sincere participation and support” towards AYCT metal workshop staff and Comfort Clinics Nursing Personnel respectively.

AYCT also appreciated the warm welcome that the family of Innocenzo and Nazzarena gives to Alleluya band every time the band is in Italy. The certificate has been  signed by Fr. Mario Pacifici and Andrew Galeta, the Founding Trustee and Executive Director of AYCT respectively.

Innocenzo and Nazzarena were in the country together with Bruno and wife, Angelo Mistrini and Paride Pasquali. Among many things they have done while in the country is to refurbish Nankhome chapel.

The new look chapel of Nankhombe house

During the same dinner AYCT also welcomed another volunteer Egidio from Closone, who will use his vast experience to help the trust grow further.

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