Andiamo Secondary School Results, Our Success

Andiamo Secondary School student

The 2012 Junior Certificate Examinations (JCE) results are out. Like last year, Andiamo Secondary School has another 100% passing rate. So far, Andiamo Secondary School has had national exams twice and both have been successful. Who gets the credit?

When results are out like this and students have done well as has been the case at Andiamo Secondary School, only the teachers get the credit. Why not? They are the ones who were teaching. In other schools where they have not registered 100% passing rate, they have teachers too. If the students have not passed there, it means their teachers were lazy!

While I congratulate the teachers for the job well done, let me say it without any regrets that the success of Andiamo Secondary School goes beyond the classroom where the teacher stays with their students.

Workers from other pillars of AYCT construction a new girls’ hostel

Andiamo Education Institutions campus, where Andiamo Secondary School is located, is conducive for learning. Without comparing the structures we have at AEI with other schools, structures of Andiamo Secondary School cannot be rated as below standards nor could we use the word “average”.

Unlike other schools where the owners come to ask “how much” fees the bursar has collected from students, here they ask what is it that is lacking.

Where students are lacking financially, there are some people who are ready to sacrifice in times of financial crisis like this one to save one Malawian child.

By the way, almost half of the students who have passed their 2012 JCE have sponsorships from some well-wishers from Italy. Here are some students who could not have managed to be in a school like Andiamo Secondary School.

Andiamo Secondary owes its success to Andiamo Youth Cooperative Trust (AYCT) too. In the first place, without AYCT, the secondary school could not have been there. Every time we have a problem at AEI, the other three pillars of AYCT, Healthcare; Sports and Culture; and Social Development come in to play their part.

In short, the success of Andiamo Secondary School is the success of AYCT and there is need to continue to cooperate to achieve more together!

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