Christmas Message by Fr. Mario Pacifici

Christmas 2011

Today, 14 December, is my birthday
and I invite you to join me in thanking the Lord
for the simple and great gift of life,
with its joy and sorrows.

Day by day it is a renewed commitment
in order to answer the call to life
to always live with joy and generosity
for donating it in its fullness.

A journalist asked Mother Teresa of Calcutta:
“What should change in the Church?”
She answered: “You and me”.
The child Jesus is coming again
and with trust we have to ask ourselves
“What can I change in my life,
for the world and the Church to be better?”

“If you accept that
the face of your neighbour is not similar to yours,
accept also that their opinion are different from yours.”

From Malawi the wish that Christmas
will gift the sobriety,
the universal brotherhood
the solidly love
and prepare our refectories
to welcome Jesus with joy
and also who is near and far from us

fr. Mario

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