Fr. Mario Calls for More Time for Life

Fr. Mario Pacifici

Fr. Mario Pacifici

Fr. Mario Pacifici, the founding trustee of Andiamo Youth Cooperative Trust has called for people to spend more on sanctifying life more than anything else.

In his Lenten Message, he calls Lent as the “time of the spirit, time of pruning, and it is time of new life”.

“We are all on a journey, sharing the joys and the great suffering of the whole world that aspires to get out from the chains of ignorance, misery and slavery of all kinds. At the end of our Lenten journey, which Pope Francis wishes us to be confident and joyful, awaits the Resurrection, as the great gift of the Risen One who also won the slavery of death,” writes Fr. Mario.

On the floods in Malawi, he calls people to continue the commitment to a fraternal solidarity, offering signs of renewal from the heart of each one, starting from our families, associations and community to reach the whole human family.

He bemoans the fact that, the world spends $59 billion for the ice cream, but it spends $22 billion on humanitarian aid, to save lives in disaster situations. On ice cream we spend three times as much of what is spent for life!

Quoting Nelson Mandela Fr. Mario says overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity but an act of justice. “You protect a fundamental right: the right to dignity and to a decent life!”

In the message he also discusses the Alleluya Band’s 2015 Tour and the commendable service that Comfort Community Hospital is doing reaching up to 10,691 patients just from January to date. He thanks all and asks them to be strong they continue to support the CCH, “small oasis of recovery for the sick, young and old”.

By P.K.B

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