The Patient Volumes at CCH Increase

People waiting to receive treatment

People waiting to receive treatment

Records at Comfort Community Hospital (CCH) show that there have been the biggest changes in patient volumes that have taken place.

For example, total patients treated at the hospital in all departments and clinics increased to 5,950 in October compared to 4,967 in Sept.  This is a 68% increase in patient volumes compared to October last year that was 3,552.

Year-to-Date (YTD), we have treated 53,704 patients. This is a 56% increase in patient volumes compared to Oct YTD last year (34,354).

Patients and guardians queueing for treatment

Patients and guardians queueing for treatment

Paediatric in-patients increased by 42% in October from 97 to 138 children.  This was mostly due to cases of Pneumonia and Other Non-Communicable Diseases.

OPD patients increased by 22% in October from 3082 to 3766 patients (adults and children). This is mostly due to Diarrhoea for the under 5 and Skin Conditions.

Cases of Malaria dropped in October by 117 cases to 149, however it will likely increase again as the rainy season progresses.

Sadly Chicken Pox is going around Balaka.  Cases treated are Jun 16, Jul 47, Aug 45, Sept 74, and Oct 71.  Kapandatsitsi had it first 9 cases in Oct and Toleza has had 2 cases per month for the last 3 months.

Children aged between 0 to 15 years get medication for free and food when they are admitted. As one way of raising funds for this noble cause, Andiamo Youth Cooperative Trust has opened a lodge and restaurant at Cape Maclear.

By P.K.B

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