Winning Back the Trust of Vehicle Owners

Kalambo (Centre) with his team at the garage

Kalambo (Centre) with his team at the garage

Many vehicle owners have lost the trust of garage owners. They have vowed not to leave their vehicle fixed in their absence. The fear is it may come back worse than it went.

The story is different with Andiamo garage. The services advertise the place, not the place advertising the services.

Many people within and outside Balaka district have come to realize that there is still one other place with professionals offering trusted vehicle maintenance and repair services.

“We have the equipment that serves all the needs of our client on top of the qualified mechanical and auto electrical team,” said Luwisho Kalambo, Andiamo’s head mechanic.

Kalambo added that safety of vehicles is also guaranteed and that the owners collect their vehicles in good condition more than it came.

By Moses Thom

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