February Saw an Increase in Upper Respiratory Infections

Guardians and patients queueing for drugs

Guardians and patients queueing for treatment

February was another busy month at Comfort Clinics. Overall, we treated 5,672 patients, which is a 5% increase over January. The majority of the patients were in our Out-Patient Department (3,838).  The number of Upper Respiratory Infections surpassed the number of Malaria cases – this is a typical occurrence as the rainy season progresses. The following list outlines where most of the cases were:

770 cases of Upper Respiratory Infections

611 cases of Malaria (5 years & Over)

546 cases of Malaria (Under 5 years)

333 cases of Skin Conditions

265 cases of Diarrhoea (Under 5 years)

252 cases of Acute Respiratory Infections (Under 5 years)

By Jill Claus

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