Kapandatsitsi Nursery School Expanding

Marco and Cinzia at Kapandatsitsi Nursery School

Marco and Cinzia at Kapandatsitsi Nursery School

Communities of Beverino, Arcola, Monterosso and Sarzana from Italy have kept their promise of expanding Kapandatsitsi Nursery School by adding a Refectory and soon a brick fence around it.

Marco and Cinzia who are representing the above four communities arrived on 8 November and are busy with the foundation of the dining room.

A visit to the school on Tuesday morning has revealed that not only are Marco and Cinzia busy with the foundation of the new dining room but they also care about the kids. Marco was caught with a child on his lap while Cinzia was busy serving the kids with tea as we found them on tea break.

Work has started

Work has started now

Andiamo Youth Cooperative Trust (AYCT) is aware that babies and toddlers need positive early learning experiences to help their intellectual, social and emotional development and that these lay the foundation for later success. This is why AYCT has five Nursery Schools that provide their services to people around Balaka under the umbrella name of Andiamo Education Institutions (AEI).

By P.K.B

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