Saturday Easy Morning

Students of Andiamo Education Institutions (AEI), which is under Andiamo Youth Cooperative Trust (AYCT) are this afternoon having a Variety Show where they will showcase their different talents. We went around the campus to see what the students are doing while waiting for the show:

Saturday2Being a weekend, some students are busy washing their clothes.

Saturday3“We are Brothers” busy rehearsing their new song. They are busy preparing for Sunday and 9 November when Alleluya celebrates 35 years of Singing Life with Joy

Saturday4Never too early for lunch. We found a woman preparing a meal for the people finalising the floor of the new open stage at Andiamo Ground.

Saturday5Form IV students busy in the Computer Lab

Saturday7DJs busy preparing for the Variety Show

Saturday8They can’t wait for Monday!

Saturday6Leading by example. The head girl mopping in a Form II class

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