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AYCT's gift to Beppi and Mirella

AYCT’s gift to Beppi and Mirella

Andiamo Youth Cooperative Trust is today on 20 November, celebrating the Mission Sunday and 50 years (Golden Jubilee) in marriage of Beppi and Mirella.

During his homily, Fr. Mario Pacifici has explained that the two celebrations mean one thing. He says that the 50 years in marriage of Beppi and Mirella have been that of a missionary.

“They have cooperated with us in all our missions in Malawi,” stressed Fr. Mario.

Beppi and Mirella

Beppi and Mirella

This afternoon, people will gather again in the Umodzi hall where they will be entertained by Alleluya band, the band that has also been in a mission of spreading the Good News through music for 35 years.

Alleluya Band ready for the show

Alleluya Band ready for the show

World Mission Sunday, organized by the Propagation of the Faith, is a day set aside for Catholics worldwide to recommit themselves to the Church’s missionary activity through prayer and sacrifice.

The theme for this year’s World Mission Sunday celebration is “Do Good on Earth”. The theme couldn’t be any better as it highlights exactly what missionaries have been doing in Malawi in particular.

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