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Alar4m clock installed at the water tank

Alarm clock installed at the water tank

A new alarm clock has been installed at the tank of A.E.I campus. In spite of its duty to remind us of time, it symbolizes the attitude we want in our community; to do everything on time.


Mario Creatini with fellow electricians at the CCH maternity wing

The alarm has been donated by Mario Creatini; an electrian volunteer from Rosignano in Italy. Creatini is well-known to us for the support in most electrical equipments.


Emmanuel Njoloma with Mario Creatini in the alarm’s control room

In respect to this welcome development, Fr. Mario Pacifici directs that we be masters of the time and not slaves of it, that it enables us plan ahead and eventually succeed.

This development concurs with what Patrick Bwanali; A.E.I coordinator wrote in our ‘share newsletter’ of September 03, 2012, where he valued the habits of order and punctuality. We again echo and empower the same words to our students and our staff that punctuality enhances development.

By Harry Pongolani (Pics by H.P)

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