The coming back


Agostino and other Volunteers: During Dinner

Today the 5th of September marks one of the noteworthy days in Andiamo Trust’s diary, for Alleluya Band and Fr. Mario have returned from the tour in Italy and Brazil. So as usual we threw a dinner togethertonight celebrating with volunteers; Nadia, Claudio, Valentina, Maurizio, Andrea, Stefania, Mauro  and Diana who have come along with Padre Mario.


At Dinner Rodua and kantema receive gifts of clothes

In return Gogo Anna Kunchezera poetically lauded the unfading vision and spirit Fr. Mario has planted in Andiamo; helping the poor and lame.

Gogo Anna Uttering her speech

Gogo Anna Uttering her speech

“Continue being the light of the world as you have always been” continues Gogo Anna praying that Andiamo continues bearing good fruits, the school and Comfort Community Hospital just to mention a few.

By Harry Pongolani

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