A Lady cobbler in the making

The story of Joyce Kazembe who has been working as a secretary in the cobbler sect of Andiamo is told to counter the ‘in born talent’ expression. She has spent time watching Chimwemwe Mwenyemasi [the young man who yielded fame in as long as shoe making is concerned] do his shoes. Reaching this far she can display skill and do some tasks in the workshops with a gloss of quality. This to Andiamo Youth Cooperative is quite good news; an indicator of growth and we can’t wait for Joyce to make her first shoe.

Chimwemwe and Joyce: This is how to do it

Chimwemwe and Joyce: This is how to do it

“I can’t say I can challenge his skills, but I’m on the way” says Kazembe helping with the small tasks in the workshop.

“She can as well do it, she seems ready to learn” says Mwenyemasi complementing her attitude. It all depends on how much time and hard work you invest in what you want to achieve” he continues.

By Harry Pongolani (Pic by H.P)

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