The passion Andiamo has for Youths

The story of recruiting Loyce Phuka 23 years old to Andiamo Trust not only justifies its growth but the passion the cooperative dearly holds for the youths. The newly recruit is a young girl who hails from Matola village.

Loyce Phuka on her desk

Loyce Phuka on her desk

“It was here that I did my Information Communication and Technology (ICT) certificate from 2008-2009 at the Technological Pole. Now that I come to work here, I feel it’s a great honour to me to be part of the big dream of Andiamo Trust dares to achieve” says Loyce with excitement on her third day at work. “It feels a ton of responsibility and a bit of maturity” she continues.

Loyce went as far as doing advanced diploma in Community and Rural Development studies at Soche Technical College from 2011 to 2012. She has worked with youths as attachments at school and her word has been of encouragement to fellow youths, imploring them to work hard to realize their goals.

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