The Graduation; an indicator of progress

Andiamo Secondary School has waited for four years for its first graduation ceremony. It is to the writer quite challenging to smartly find words to express what a wonderful yesterday, 15 June was, not only for our 47 graduating students but to all Andiamo family.


The 47 students marching majestically into the Hall

The gala with slogan ‘education- a tool for development’ was spiced up with performances like singing and drama. In them the students artistically blessing with long life the trustees, volunteers, teachers and all those who threw a dime and attitude to seeing them in gowns at last.  In the audience of parents present at the function, the students vowed to live by standards mother ‘Andiamo’ has instilled in them.

The occasion was the podium for wisdom words; food for the journey the form 4’s will undertake into the world. The director of Andiamo; Mr. A. Galeta in his speech defined the gala as an indicator of good progress the school has undertaken since its commencement.

vale and ale

Alessandro Marchetti and Valeria Giassi on the dance floor at the Graduation ceremony in Umodzi hall

“Let the world see the change in you, if they don’t, we have failed” says the A.E.I. Coordinator; Mr. P. Bwanali. “This graduation continues a story started way long back, a story that disputes the ‘life begins at forty’ theorem. He cited the life of Vale Giassi and Ale Marchetti as individuals who with trembling surmounted their fears and took leading roles at the Andiamo schools, “they started managing the secondary school in their early twenties” he continues.

It was time to wind up everything, thus when Fr Mario; the founding trustee and guest of honour comes in. He wished the students all the best, “the best of success not just in your exams” he clarifies “but for the rest of your lives, that you may live life to its fullness and in the glory of God. He sent for the young ones to pursue the slogan education as a real tool for human development and be responsible citizens in respective communities.

 By Harry Pongolani (Photos by H.P)

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  1. sothini nhlane says:

    What an awsam day ths wz!!! we wl mis Andiamo 4eva…

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