Andiamo signed up for Chibuku Music Competition

Andiamo Music has been signed up into yearly Chibuku Music Competition.  Upcoming on 25th May at Zembani Lodge in Balaka is a preliminary for regional contest whereof winners at such will proceed for National competition.  It is the first time for Andiamo to contest. However, Mr. Thom Damba; the principal of the music school has courageously challenged to do their best to triumph.

Alessandro (Center) and Thom Damba (Right) watch while Andiamo music school students perform during their training

“You are the new breed that will doubtlessly succeed Alleluya band tomorrow, so let us show people the finest of our potential” says Damba instilling passion in the boys during their training sessions this morning.

Peter Kayira playing the guitar during practices

“Besides exposing talent and entertaining the competition is an opportunity for youths to augment local and traditional music” commends Alessandro Marchetti.

The outstanding band at the end will get away with cash prize and will have their music recorded under Chibuku sponsorship.

By Harry Pongolani (Pics By H.P)

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