Best technicians in the making

 I sneaked into the work shop where Elias Mpinga; the instructor of Electrical Installation assigned the students to assemble a star delta starter motor system into operation. How curious it was to listen to the students explaining its working principle in fluent technical jargons and making sense, connecting the scattered parts and gathering the whole equipment up to life again.

Elias Mpinga wt his students

Elias Mpinga (at the centre) with his students in an Electrical Installation (Practical) class

“I can predict a good grade to my every student in Electrical Installation (Practical) come November when they will sit for their final trade test exams” says Elias, standing aside with folded arms saluting his own progress.

The students themselves challenged to carry out most of the basic works out there in as long as Electrical Installation is concerned.

By Harry Pongolani (Pics by H.P)

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