Teaching the Talent


Finished post cards ready for sending

They have the talent and they can’t just have it for themselves. Dona and Elena on Saturday spent their day with Tigawane kids, teaching them little skills of painting and drawing. It was a wonderful experience for both parties.

dona teaching Pemphero

dona teaching Pemphero some skills

“We can continue to put into practice the skills we have learnt in the absence of Dona and Ellena” challenges Pemphero Nkhoma; one of the kids at Tigawane.

kids draw

Dave and Smith practising by themselves

“It has been a great time with the kids, they are pretty and fast learners” compliments Donatella. They together drew flowers which they will send to friends in Italy. The duo has done most of the paintings since their arrival at Comfort Clinic- Paediatric ward, St.Monica Nursery School and Tigawane [Nyumba ya ana] House. Other projects will be done at Toleza, Kapandatstsi and St. John’s Nursery schools.

By Harry Pongolani (Photos by H.P)

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