St. Egidio Club up for Alms

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St. Egidio club members cheering Gogo Maria Anthony in Lupanga village

Accompanied by their patron Mr. J. Bwezani, St. Egidio students club yesterday in the afternoon cheered up the old lady; Mrs Maria Anthony with gifts, amongst them were bed sheets, clothes, soap and salt which the students bought from their voluntary contributions. The lady fled from Mozambique in 1961 due to war. She lost all her six children and puts up by herself in Lupanga village in Balaka.

giving alms

the students giving alms to the granny

“I am too old to work for myself, now that you have come for me I am very thankful” said the grandmother. She in turn advised the St. Egidio students not to pray for rest but get-up-and-go fortitude to continue the journey of charity with faith.

St. Egidio partakes in charity to the sick, lame and old, and most of the times sharing the word of God. They are planning more trips come next week.

By Harry Pongolani

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