St. Monica Nursery School


Mr. Mpama (in front) pose with nursery kids

Early learning during the childhood days has proved very significant in every kid’s future. Since its opening in 1994, St. Monica Nursery School has provided early education to kids around Balaka town. Kids at the school, guided by their teachers, exercise and sing in the course of learning.


kids at st. Monica playing “tag of war”

Mr. Mpama and Mrs. Jalasi headmaster and headmistress respectively at St. Monica concur that most kids who went through the nursery school have easy breakthrough at elementary schools.

“This is the kids’ benchmark for formal learning, they like the games; so learning happens” reports one of the teachers at St. Monica. Besides intellectual subjects, the kids are taught how to pray, which Mrs. Jalasi believes is the driveway to the beginning of wisdom.

Don Cesare Castelli directs the functioning of St. Monica, St. John’s, Kapandatsitsi, Toleza, Matola and Mbera Nursery schools.


teachersof the nursery school posing behind the kids.

By Harry Pongolani (Photos by H.P)

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