Comfort Clinics Branches to Kapandatsitsi

Rapid community development and economic self reliance invest in people’s good health. Many villages located far from Andiamo have been deprived an opportunity of free health services. Now Comfort Clinics branched to Kapandatsitsi, where it reaches to many patients every Wednesday.


patients queue up to receive medicine

Andiamo Trust engages itself seriously into people’s lives, as of now houses to accommodate doctors at the hospital have been built and soon the clinic will operate fully.

“We will take care of this facility; bringing the hospital in our vicinity is the best of gifts Fr. Mario Pacifici has given to us” proclaims Mr. Mwanapwa; a native of the area.

The natives have agreed that there was a need for a nearby hospital because they used to travel long distances to the hospital and some consulted herbalists and witchdoctors.


a crowd of patients gathered at kapandatsitsi hospital


patients at kapandatsitsi hospital


a queue of patients at kandatsitsi

By Harry Pongolani (Photos by H.P)

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