Harry Pongolani: The new Guy at Andiamo Trust

Harry Pongolani is a newly recruited staff member at Andiamo Youth Cooperative Trust. However, he has also worked with Trust in 2011 when he partnered with Engineer Giuseppe Traina in teaching Technical Drawing at the Technical College. Now his second coming is very welcomed by most members of staff.


Harry Pongolani works as communications director at Andiamo

Harry has just finished his Bachelor of Science in Technical Education degree program from the Polytechnic; a constituent college in the University of Malawi. Among other duties he will be updating this website with news around Andiamo Campus and teaching at both the secondary school and college.

It is pretty exciting to note the coincidence that Harry has also been a Beneficiary of Chifundo Projects throughout his secondary and tertiary educations.

“No, not coincident at all, working with Andiamo is my choice- my platform to politely say ‘thanks’,” says Harry. He further highlights that he shares in the dreams of Andiamo and that he will work assiduously with everyone to make a lasting impact.

Harry Pongolani


new guy at andiamo trust

By Harry Pongolani (Photos by H.P)

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