Time for examinations!


The teaching session of the academic term is gone. Andiamo Education Institutions examinations have commenced today the 11th of March. The exams end on 22nd March and this will mark the beginning of a one-month vacation.


form 3 students on their first day of exam in the campus A.E.I hall

“The exams have started on a fair note and it is the same stuff we did in class,” Christopher Kaduya agrees with Innocent Mukoka on the nature of today’s Form 3 Geography paper. On the other hand Joyce Somanje complains the paper was just tough but still she hopes her hard work wont be in vain. The perspective of the students towards their exams is a clear indication that the exams will serve its purposed significance.


Head cracking exams in progress

By Harry Pongolani (Photos by H.P)

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