Mkwaso Newspaper Salutes Get up stand up Project

Get up stand up Project has performed tremendously. The good news is all over the streets, no wonder it cannot escape the spheres of Mkwaso Newspaper.

Mkwaso article on Get up stand up Project

The project so far has reached out to 20 villages from Traditional Authorities Nsamala and Sawali of Balaka. At least 320 farmers have benefited from modern farming methods as preached by Get up stand up Project.  Chiefs Chipote and Kapalamula have saluted the project’s move to alleviate food shortage by bumper yielding techniques and its easy access of loans with no interest. The beneficiaries are in turn advised to settle their loans in time as sign of appreciation.

Henry Goster; the project manager disclosed in an interview with Patrick Nyalugwe of Mkwaso that the Project is to distribute livestock to farmers shortly to improve their livelihood.

By Harry Pongolani

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