Andiamo in an electrifying mood

In a party mood

It all started on Saturday 8 September when Eugenio Njoloma tied a knot with his long time sweetheart Hellen at St. Louis Catholic Parish. Today it is the day not to forget for both the family of Walter and Angela and the students of Andiamo Education Institutions (AEI).

Walter and Angela.

Walter and Angela during the Mass Celebration

Walter was once a classmate of Fr. Mario Pacifici, now the Founding Trustee of Andiamo Youth Cooperative Trust. While Mario stayed in the seminary till he was ordained, Walter married Angela with whom he is celebrating with 37 years in marriage! This family is here to shoot a video that will document 35 years of Alleluya Band in the year 2013.

AEI students

AEI opened for the new academic year on 3 September and Fr. Mario Pacifici chose today 9 September 2012 to welcome all the students where they are asked, “to live our lives and grow in life”.

Holy Mass

Mass started at 9. The schools’ choir was joyful. They sang with you and they put everyone in a prayerful mood suitable for a Sunday like today. In attendance, were people from AYCT including the Director and his Deputy.

Part of the schools choir

During the homily, Fr. Mario did not mince words to the students. He told the students not to feel forced into doing anything.

“You are not chained. Be proud of what you have. Help those that have problems. Let us grow the way God would want us to grow,” said Mario.

Alleluya Band

In essence, Alleluya Band members are the hosts to Walter and Angela. The band did not disappoint on Sunday either. Led by Coss Chiwalo and Gertrude Naluso they showed why they are the oldest band in Malawi.

Coss Chiwalo and Gertrude Naluso, representing Alleluya Band

Coming straight from two shows, in Nkhotakota on Friday and Mwanza Motel on Saturday, the band moved not only the students to the floor but also some volunteers from Italy.

Paul Subiri lost his voice but he did not lose his drumming hands. Coss led with example too.

Lessons for the students

Fr. Mario Pacifici during mass

Fr. Mario says that there are different vocations. “All are good,” he gives an example of Walter who chose married life, and him who chose priesthood. Like Eugenio Njoloma, their teacher, they can marry in future and be together with whoever they chose to marry for a long time like what Walter and Angela have just shown them.


Angela was speechless. The mood was beyond any description. Walter spoke but only few words.

“When we here about Malawi, we are told that it is the Warm Heart of Africa.” These are not only words but “we have felt it”.

Walter has since asked for collaboration with AYCT.

By Patrick Bwanali

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