New Girls Hostel on schedule

Pressure is mounting on Andiamo Education Institutions (AEI) office as to whether it will be possible to have the new girls hostel ready by 2 September 2012, the day students are expected in for a new academic calendar.

New Girls Hostel

The New Girls Hostel (Photo by Patrick Bwanali)

But speaking at the site where the hostel is, Phillipo Makina has assured AEI office that come 2 September, the new hostels will be ready.

“We are remained with the floor and we are sure that girls will sleep in these hostels,” assures Phillipo Makina who is the foreman for the builders.

Laison Msamala, the head of Plumbing section says with confidence that the ablution block that will have 10 bathrooms and 7 toilets once completed will also be ready before the students arrive.

This academic year, AEI will have a record number of students as the Secondary school is expected to have all the four classes unlike last academic year when it had only Forms 1 to 3.

The new hostel will accommodate eighty girls and this will give a chance to many a girl to be in a boarding school.

AEI comprise a technical school that offers courses in carpentry and joinery, electrical installation and motor vehicle mechanics; a secondary school; music school; and a computer school.

Andiamo Education Institutions is under education, which is one of the four pillars of Andiamo Youth Cooperative Trust. The other three are Sports and Culture, Health and Sanitation, and Social Development.

by Patrick Bwanali

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