Marandimo to reshape Chingale Turn-off – Lisanjala Road

By Harry walima.
While busy with the construction of Lisanjala Community Secondary School, Marandimo Building and Civil Engineering Contractors have again been awarded the contract to re-shape the road to Lisanjala.

Marandimo Official with traditional authorities and chiefs

Before commencing the road project Marandimo staff led by Andrew Galeta, met Traditional Authorities and their Chiefs in the area on Wednesday July 4 asking them for close collaboration when construction of the road begins.

The subjects near the road will be the ones working in the construction but under the supervision of Marandimo.

Traditional Authority Nkula and Mlumbe were very happy that finally the road is to be re-shaped. They said they have waited for so long for government and their Member of Parliament to help them but to no avail.

They assured Marandimo Officials that they would do everything possible to meet their subjects on the matter so that the project commences as soon as possible while keeping in mind the rainy season is around the corner.

If what the chiefs said is to go by, the re-shaping of the road will start very soon. The 15km road is almost impassable during the rainy season and it also delayed the Lisanjala Community Secondary construction.

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