Andiamo Secondary School Science Club

By Masautso Luweya
There are so many clubs at Andiamo Secondary School and one of them is the Science Club. Currently the club has a membership of 15 students.

The patron and club members

The overall objective of this Club is to diversify learner’s mind and enable them to use practical knowledge in their daily life in and outside campus even after graduating.

The products produced by the club

With the high population growth in Malawi, MSCE graduates have less chances of going in public colleges or being employed. This results in poverty, since the graduates lack sources of earning a living.

With this problem, Andiamo Secondary School has found a solution through existence of Science Club. The club is able to use the local raw materials to produce products which can enable a person earn a living in their daily life.

On 5 July 2012, the club organized a function entitled “Science Club Show Up” where the following people were invited: The A.E.I. coordinator Mr. P. Bwanali, The head teacher of Andiamo Secondary Mr. J.A. Banda together with his staff members which included Mr. F.M. Nkwanda, Mr. J.M. Bwezani, Miss Y. Munlo, Mr. Y. Konde and Mr. M. Mussa,

Time to taste: stuff team

Prisca Mgawi and Andrew Zakeyu, members of the club demonstrated to the audience how jam is prepared. In their expression they said jam is produced by using locally available materials. These materials are tomatoes, lemons and sugar. .

After the demonstration, Cecilia Haleke proposed to the audience to taste the jam that was prepared.
After the demonstrations, the coordinator of Andiamo Education Institutions (A.E.I) Mr P. Bwanali appreciated what the science club has done.

He therefore encouraged the science club members to keep on doing this and have some more products. He finally said he’s waiting to have a big science club show up in the near future and he pledged to offer K2000.00 as a starter park to the club.

Based on what the coordinator said the chairperson of science club Trevour Kalitera said, the club could have been producing more products but the problem was that of finance.

“Our dream is to reach far and produce something more tangible not only to Andiamo people but also the whole Balaka and even the whole Malawi,” said Kalitera.

The Headmaster of Andiamo Secondary School Mr. J.A. Banda who is also a member of science club was very happy and appreciated the students for producing something, which seem to be expensive but not. He also promised to assist the club for it to develop.

Finally, the patron of science club Mr. M. Luweya thanked the coordinator and the Headmaster for their presence during this function. He also thanked the members of staff who were present during this occasion and their financial support.

In his speech, he promised the invited members of staff to produce more activities if the club would be able to source funds wherever necessary. In addition, the club patron also thanked the club members for their contribution of K1080 towards this project.

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