AEI to have new boys hostel

By Gerald Sibu

There was jubilation at Andiamo Education Institutions (AEI) Campus on 22 May 2012 when the founding Trustee of Andiamo Youth Cooperative Trust (AYCT) and Anna Maria laid a foundation stone where the new boys hostel will be built. Speaking during a ground breaking ceremony, Anna Maria said that she decided to honour her late brother Bruno’s will to donate part of his money to Malawi, Balaka in particular.

Anna Maria handing over a foundation stone as Fr. Mario (left) looks on

“I have come to fulfil my late brother’s wish to share part of his wealth to you, the youth in Balaka which he included in his will before he died in February 2011 in Italy and I urge you to take your studies seriously so that my brother’s soul can rest in peace,” Anna Maria broke the jubilant students.

Students attending the function

On behalf of AEI students, Shama Dassu, a From One student, thanked Fr. Mario Pacifici for his unwavering support towards the education sector.

Patrick Bwanali, AEI Coordinator, thanked Anna for laying a foundation stone for the new hostel and fulfilling the wish of her late brother Bruno. He said that the new hostel would solve the problem of accommodation at the institution since soon the Secondary School will have all the four classes.

AYCT’s, Executive Director Andrew Galeta told the students and AEI administration that AYCT would never let AEI walk alone. In his remarks, Andrew told the students that Education, one of the pillars of the Cooperative, is regarded as the first priority of AYCT and it aims at educating the youth who are the future leaders. He has since described Fr. Mario, as a man who always dreams about development and has passion for youth.

In his part, Fr. Mario applauded Anna Maria for fulfilling her brother’s will and wished the soul of Bruno to rest in peace. He also thanked him for the “seed” which he has grown in Balaka posthumously. He also thanked the construction team for their dedication in various projects that the Cooperative has been undertaking.

Fr. Mario also revealed that after the completion of the new boys hostel, a two class room block of Forms 5 and 6 will start being constructed thereby upgrading it to a High School. He also shared with the students his dream of building a University in future if all goes well. He revealed that land for the project is already available.

AYCT operates under its four pillars namely Social Development, Sports and Culture, Health and Sanitation and Education.

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