Working with paints and brushes.

Daveh Mwale Pabros is one of the talented artisans who is surviving everyday through painting. Andiamo Website Office had an interview with him at Andiamo Art Studio.

Daveh Mwale Pabros

Who is Daveh Mwale Pabros?
Pabros is an artist who does painting as a career. A married man and has five children.

How did you start painting?
My interest in painting started developing when I was in form two in 1995. After completing my secondary school, I was doing some paintings and sell them to tourists in different lodges in Chitheche. Before joining Andiamo Youth Cooperative Trust, I worked for several organisations including Banja La Mtsogolo, Toyota Malawi and Chipiku Stores.

Without any qualifications in painting, how were you able to get the job?
Companies were just coming to me asking if I could do the job for them. I was born in Nkhata bay one of the districts along the lake shore where I was doing my art, so my name was everywhere because of my painting. My paintings helped me to get good job without proper qualifications.

What does your job involve?
I do any type of painting and sign writing like portraits, fine art, sun writing and batiks. In short I work on anything about painting.

As an artist, what challenges can you point out that are affecting your profession?
Lack of support because for us to buy brushes and paints we need a good capital and travel to areas where are frequently visited by tourists.  Only a few Malawians buy our paintings and this is another big challenge because we lack support from our fellow Malawians.

Whom do you adore most?
I adore John Mwantenga who started painting since I was young. Now he owns a gallery in Mangochi. His artworks really impress me.

What can be your advice to those who want to be like Pabro?
Be creative and work hard on what you want to be.

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