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As one way of creating a sustainable future, Andiamo Education Institutions (AEI) is recruiting new teachers for Andiamo Secondary School, one of the institutions under its administration. Andiamo Website Office caught up with one of the newly employed teacher in our new column of Get to know our new teacher.

Mailosi Mkwanda

Can you introduce yourself?
I am Fredrick Mailosi Mkwanda, a third born child of late both Mr. and Mrs. Awema and Mailosi Ndala Mkwanda. I was born on 21st October, 1965 in Thyolo (Thunga Estate) the work place of my late beloved father. But originally we are from Katuli area in Mangochi. My father and I are Yao while my mother is a Mang’anja from Thyolo.

There were five of us but the brothers and one sister passed away leaving me and a sister. Now I am married and have five children, 3 boys and 2 girls.

Can we have an insight of your education?
I did my primary school at Kambenje Primary in Mulanje and Thunga in Thyolo where I got selected to Phalombe Secondary School in 1986 up to 1990 and got my Malawi School Certificate of Examination. I went to Blantyre Teachers College and qualified as a T2 teacher in 1992.

I upgraded to Diploma in Education with Aggrey Memorial School and started teaching in secondary schools from 1998 up to now (private secondary schools).

Currently I have a certificate in Education, Diploma in Education and 3 single subjects. Diplomas in Stores, Purchasing, and Business Administration. Plus other fields.

Why did you choose teaching as a career?
I chose teaching as a career not as a destitute but I wanted to pay back the good my teachers did to me and again to help build the national education.

Since I joined teaching, English has been my main subject that is both literature and language. I have also been trained as a life skills and social studies teacher. I have taught for two decades now.

For the short period you have been at AEI, What can you say about the place?
As far as I am concerned, AEI is like a watershed where many a river will flow forever to other areas where the water is needed by others. As a secondary school, it is like a newly born baby with the brightest future.

It only needs experienced, well qualified, zealous, and passionate teachers of a special caliber to make Andiamo Secondary School a force to reckon with. Let’s hold hands and move in the same direction with one rhythm, the Andiamo will be an ever glowing light.

Have you ever thought of changing career?
I have no reason whatsoever to change a career, instead I wish I had money enough to advance my education and become a tutor or a lecturer because I love my job and I want to leave a mark as a teacher from the humble beginning to greater heights.

Any advice to your fellow teachers?
Money alone cannot make a good teacher, but love, zeal, parenthood and passion added to professional performance. Teach to build and not to benefit.

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