Interview with Juma Phiri

Juma Phiri

Juma Phiri is one of the skilled youths at Andiamo Youth Cooperative Trust (AYCT). He does welding, panel beating and spray painting and welding. Juma joined Andiamo in 1998 as a trainee and after six months later he became a permanent employee of Andiamo. But who is Juma Phiri? Andiamo Website Office caught up him.

1. Tell us about yourself?
Juma was born 32 years ago. He comes from Mpulula village, Traditional Authority Nsamala in Balaka district. He is a father of 3.

2. Your journey into panel beating and spray painting, was it by design or default?
I don’t know. Mr Mkuleya who was working here at Andiamo introduced me to this career after he noticed that I was just staying idle after dropping out of school. He was the one who trained me to be where I am now. I feel it’s something that was planned by God for me to be doing this.

3. Why did you accept to work at Andiamo?
It wasn’t easy for me to accept because at that time the money I was receiving as a monthly salary was not enough but I was impressed with the cooperation and  the support which different sections receive from the administration.
4. What can you say about your job?
It’s a well-paying job. It just needs someone who is more creative. As for me I have managed to build my own house and I am able to support my relatives using money from this job.

5. Positive and negative side of AYCT?
At every place there is a good and bad side. That’s how life goes but when you see people sticking around just know that there are more good things than bad.

6. Tell us the secret which has helped you to be where you are now?
Although I have passed through difficult times, my patience and willingness to acquire skills helped me.

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