Alleluya Studios record Soldier’s Tribute to Bingu

Lucius Banda, popularly known as Soldier among his fans has recorded a tribute of the late president, Bingu Wa Mutharika at Alleluya Studios in Balaka.

Coss Chiwalo in Alleluya's studio

In the tribute, Soldier sings that the death of the president should unite Malawians despite the difference that might be there.

In the song, he says death comes when we are thinking of other things and he advises that since sometimes love on this earth ends when one is buried so should our differences end when one is buried too.

“For him [Bingu], it is gone, we should now look into our hearts and see if we are ready,” goes one of the lines of the tribute that is in Chichewa.

Coss Chiwalo of Alleluya band and the one responsible for Alleluya Studios says the tribute was recorded by Lulu while Dan Sibale did flute.

“I just did the backing vocals,” says Coss.

Lucius Banda is a graduate of Alleluya band. He now owns Zembani band and he was once a Member of Parliament (MP) of Balaka Central constituency

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