Interview with Franco

Franco Fiorina

In which projects have you been involved this year?
I have been involved in the construction of the two block girls’ hostel from foundation to roof level.

What would you say about the work done so far?
It is very good. I found the same workers with whom I worked with the past years and with them we are confident with each other and we work in harmony.

Tell us about any positive episode you lived in these three months.
It isn’t really an episode but when I went to ask for the materials needed for the work, I found almost everything was available.

Any negative episode?
When I visited one of the dear families and I noticed that because of the drought their harvest of maize will be very poor. This is not only for them but is a problem of the whole families in the area of Balaka.

After many years in Malawi what motivates you to come again?
Having started last year to dig the foundations for the hostels I felt it was very important to come again and continue the job.

Having seen Malawi many times can you tell me what has changed?
In general, I think the situation was improving every year. However, this year, 2012 for different economic problems (lack of diesel, electricity, increasing of prices of the basic goods) I noticed that people are not managing to have food enough to feed their families.

Can you tell us one of your shouts?
I did not shout this year just because of the harmony we have in the working team. Since we have worked together for some time everybody knows what to not do to avoid any conflicts.

If you could have a speech to the Nation what would you say to Malawians?
I would tell them to discuss their problems without expecting them to be underlined by the visitors coming. But I know it is not easy here to talk about the problems people face.

Give a compliment to Giuseppe.
Giuseppe is a great worker. I admire him because when he starts a job he puts all his strengths to bring it to the end.

Criticise Beppe
He should shout less, because Malawian culture does not encourage shouting each other. I think also the people, knowing Beppe, understand that he shouts for their own good and not for bad reasons.

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